How Christmas Affects Santa’s Spine

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Santa Spine

Christmas Eve is almost here, and soon Santa will be flying around the world to deliver presents to good girls and boys. It’s a demanding and physically exhausting job, so Santa knows he needs to protect his spine. Below, we take a closer look at how delivering presents on Christmas affects Santa’s spine, and what he should do to avoid lingering spine injuries after the holiday.

Christmas Takes A Toll On Santa’s Spine

Delivering presents takes a huge toll on Santa’s spine, so he’d be mindful to keep some of these tips in mind and to be aware of some of the common ways he’s likely to stress his spine.

  • His Bag – Santa keeps toys piled in a big sack in his sleigh, but even if he makes pit stops at the North Pole to reload his bag, it’s going to weigh a lot. Instead of stressing and straining his back by lifting it and bringing it with him when he heads house to house, he’s better off leaving it in the sled. Lifting and carrying heavy and uneven objects are a recipe for back injuries. He’ll want to limit how long he’s got that big fat sack upon his back.
  • Down The Chimney – Santa is used to sliding down the chimney to enter homes, but let’s be honest, chimneys just aren’t what they used to be. They are getting smaller and smaller, and many homes don’t even have a chimney. Compressing his body down a chimney is only going to put unneeded pressure and stress on his back. He’ll want to use some magic Christmas dust to help him shrink down while he’s going down the chimney, or better yet, have his elves make a master key so he can enter and exit through the front door without cramming his spine down a chimney.
  • Christmas Cookies – We’ll cut to the chase here. Santa’s physique is less than ideal, and that extra weight he’s carrying is felt by his spine with every step he takes. Even if he only takes one bite of a cookie at every house he visits, he’s going to pack on the pounds by the end of the night, which only adds more stress to his lumbar spine. He may want to deliver himself a treadmill and a healthy cookbook so he can slim down after the holidays and help take some pressure off his spine. If you’re putting cookies out for Santa this year, maybe go with some low sugar options!
  • Sleigh Safety – Santa may be an expert at driving his sleigh, but you can bet he buckles up every time he gets behind those nine reindeer, and you should do the same whenever you’re in a vehicle. Back injuries are some of the most common injuries in car accidents, and a seatbelt has been shown to help reduce the severity of certain spine injuries. If Santa has a rough landing or you get rear-ended at a stop light, you’ll all be better off if you’re wearing your seatbelt.

Have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful holiday, and if you need help with a spinal issue, reach out to Dr. Sinicropi and his team today.

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