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Did you know that each May we celebrate National Correct Posture Month? As the name implies, National Correct Posture Month focuses on helping people become more aware of their posture positioning throughout the day so that they can make simple adjustments that can improve the health of their spine. In today’s blog, we’re going to take a closer look at some of the ways you can work to improve your posture during National Correct Posture Month.

How To Improve Your Posture

There are a number of different ways to improve your posture and the overall health of your spine, and we’re going to spotlight some of those techniques and common threats to your posture so that you can prolong the health of your spine through proper alignment. Here’s how you can improve your posture during the month of May.

  • Regular Posture Checks – The easiest way to improve your posture is to regularly take stock of your posture and make adjustments if you notice that you are hunched or slouching. If you’re sinking back into the couch or have your head pushed forward while staring at a computer screen, different areas of your spine will be forced to endure more stress for an extended period of time. This can contribute to prolonged inflammation or structural degeneration, which can cause pain and other uncomfortable symptoms. Get in the habit of conducting regular posture checks throughout the day and adjusting your spinal alignment if you find yourself hunched or slouching.
  • Limit Your Technology Use – As we mentioned above, it’s easy to have poor posture if you’re staring at a computer screen or working a desk job all day, but those aren’t the only technological threats to our posture. Most of us have a cell phone, and if you’re constantly texting or scrolling with your phone in your lap, your neck is likely in a poor posture position. Limit your phone use and strive to have your phone out in front of you instead of in your lap so that you don’t have to lean so far forward in order to see your screen.
  • Supportive Shoes – It’s also helpful to regularly wear comfortable and supportive shoes. If you’re wearing high heels or unsupportive options, your posture can get thrown out of whack or your gait can be affected, which can put more strain on your spine with each step you take. Choose comfort over fashion when it comes to your shoes, and you may find it easier to have healthy posture when you’re upright and walking.
  • Limit Sitting – Even when you have good posture, sitting can be hard on your spine because an increased amount of stress is channeled to your lower back. This strain will put static pressure on your lumbar spine, which can lead to muscle deconditioning and disc degeneration. Instead of spending a lot of time sitting, strive to become more active. It’s easier to have healthy posture if you’re upright and moving, and movement will help to strengthen key structures so that your spine is stronger and more stable.
  • Improve Your Core – Your abdominal muscles play a key role in supporting your spinal column, but it’s easy to overlook developing these muscles. If you’re regularly lifting weights or running, you may be ignoring your core, and when your abdominal muscles are weaker, it’s easier for you to slump in your seat or have a slouched posture. Developing your core will make it easier for you to naturally have ideal posture.

If you can strive to work on all of these things during the month of May, we’re confident that your spine will be stronger when National Correct Posture Month comes to a close. For more tips on how you can improve your posture, or to talk to a spine specialist about a different back issue that you’re dealing with, reach out to Dr. Sinicropi and the team at The Midwest Spine & Brain Institute today at (651) 430-3800.

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