Be Mindful Of Your Spine Posture in These 4 Locations

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spine posture

Your spine takes a beating throughout the day, and more often than not you’re doing damage to your back without even realizing it. This usually comes in the form of poor posture, but it can also occur if you overstress the spine. Today, we explain four daily activities that stress your spine so you can make sure your posture is improved. Here are four times throughout the day where your spine can fall out of alignment, which can put excess stress on your back, hips, knees and feet.

Your Daily Commute

If you’re like most people, you probably have to deal with some sort of morning commute to work. Your leather seat with climate control may be comfortable, but many drivers unknowingly lean forward or slump in their seat, putting extra stress on the lumbar portion of their spine. Try to sit up straight by adjusting your seat to push your spine so your neck is directly over your shoulders, or keep a little lumbar support pillow in your vehicle to put behind the small of your back while driving.

At The Office

You survived your morning commute only to be rewarded with eight-plus hours at a desk. People are generally more cognizant of their posture at work, but that doesn’t mean they always stay in alignment. Put a sticky note on your computer that reminds you to check your posture when you’re at your desk, and if possible, make it a point to stand up and walk around for at least a couple minutes every hour. Requesting an ergonomic standing desk from your boss will assist the ability to change positions frequently.

On The Treadmill

After a day at work and another commute home, it’s finally time to get some exercise. If you regularly run on a treadmill at home or at the gym, you might be overworking your spine if you don’t have proper form. Avoid running on an incline for prolonged periods, and don’t hold on to the grab bars on the front of the machine, as that affects your natural running motion. Try to land softly on your forefoot and keep your elbows in a straight front-to-back motion to ensure your weight is distributed appropriately

In Your Bed

After a long and exhausting day, you’re probably looking forward to flopping on your bed and hitting the hay. If you fall asleep in a bad position, your spine is going to stay in that stressful state until you wake up in the morning. The important part is to find a comfortable spot, and sometimes pillows or a well-placed blanket can take some stress of your spine. Make sure your mattress is providing adequate support for your back and that your pillow gets replaced when it no longer provides support. For more information about avoiding spine pain when sleeping, click here.

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