Do I Need to wear a Brace after Spine Surgery?

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back braceA common question patients have following their spinal surgery is whether or not they will have to wear a back or neck brace. And if they do need to wear a brace, how long will they have to wear it? To answer these questions, we wrote up this blog that details when braces are useful and necessary after surgery and how long they normally need to be worn.

Post-Op Recovery for Spine Surgery

Depending on your procedure, your condition, and the procedure performed, there are various post-operative recovery methods that can help you get back in top form after your operation. Some methods are aimed at reducing pain, and others are meant to increase a patient’s mobility.

Benefits of a Back Brace

Back braces provide increased support to the spine, back, and stomach. This additional support can be a huge help to some patients as their bodies heal after surgery. Patients who have minimally invasive surgeries at multiple levels that involve anterior and posterior incisions (i.e. incisions in the back and the stomach) find bracing especially useful while their back and stomach muscles heal. Patients who undergo Cervical (neck) spinal surgeries can also benefit from neck bracing in the days and weeks after surgery. Essentially, these braces give your body support so you can more easily accomplish daily tasks during the recovery period. They can also reduce pain by preventing you from accidentally overextending your neck or back after your spinal procedure.

The bottom line is that every spine surgery is unique, and each patient requires a unique approach to post-op recovery. The best thing you can do is communicate with your surgeon before the procedure and ask them what they recommend as the best course of action. If you have any specific questions, feel free to leave a comment below!

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