How to Prepare for your Spine Surgery with Dr. Sinicropi

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surgery prepIn the first of our two part blog series, we explain how to prepare for your spine surgery with Dr. Sinicropi. The next installment will focus on what to expect in the days following your surgery.

Before Surgery

Stop smoking if you can prior to your surgery. Smoking can cause issues with surgery by causing nonunion of the vertebrae. If you need help quitting, we are able to help you.

If you have any of these issues, your surgery may be postponed:

  • Infection
  • Severe heart problems
  • Lung disease

Eating a healthy diet will help the surgical wounds heal and lower the risk for infection. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables with low fat and sugar.

Staying active and exercising will improve your heart and lungs and boost your immune system. If you are in pain, do what you can (water exercises, walking or recumbent bike). Please ask your physician which activities will work best.

Take care of your teeth. When teeth/gums become infected, bacteria (germs) can travel through the surgical area causing infection (this calls for further surgery). See the dentist six weeks prior to surgery if there are concerns about the health of your teeth.

Do not shave within 12 inches of your incision area for at least three days prior to surgery.

Antiseptic Soap Information

Shower for two days prior to surgery with antiseptic soap. Antiseptic soap will reduce germs and bacteria from entering your body when the incision is made during surgery and also reduce infections.

The hospital may provide you with the soap, or you can pick up the antiseptic soap at your local pharmacy.

Wash off the soap immediately if you feel uncomfortable tingling, itching, or irritation. It is normal to feel coolness or dryness of skin after applying the soap. Do not apply any lotions, creams ,or moisturizers on skin after use of antiseptic soap. Do not use the antiseptic soap on your face or head, only the neck down.

Shower: Evening Before Surgery

Please use all freshly washed items after shower: two washcloths, two towels (for bathing), use ½ (half) of the antiseptic soap, 1 pair pajamas/clothes. Also use freshly washed bedding (pillowcases and clean sheets).

Wash your hair with normal shampoo and rinse shampoo from hair and body. Towel off your hair and body with 1st towel so skin is dry for next step. Place the 1st washcloth aside.

Place antiseptic soap on 2nd clean damp washcloth, then place it gently to your skin from the neck to your toes. Apply to your groin last. With the use of the 2nd washcloth, repeat prior step again (2nd time), and apply to groin last. Allow the antiseptic soap to remain on the surface of your skin for at least one minute, then rinse well and dry your skin with 2nd towel.

Follow these steps prior to your surgery to minimize your risk for any potential complications.

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