Preventing Common Causes Of Back Pain In New Mothers

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Back Pain New Mother

Congratulations on your new child! If you’re a new mother or just delivered birth again, you probably think that your back discomfort will subside because you’re no longer carrying that bundle of joy in your midsection. While delivering the baby does take some stress off your spine, motherhood also brings some new challenges for your back. Below, we highlight some of the common causes of back pain in early motherhood, and how to prevent these problems from developing.


New mothers need to make sure they have good posture when they are breastfeeding. It can seem difficult to get the baby in the right position without leaning forward or bending your spine, but consider investing in back supports and feeding pillows to keep your spine in a healthy alignment. It may take a little getting used to, but you’re going to be breastfeeding pretty frequently, especially right away, so make sure you aren’t straining your spine at each feeding.

Picking Up The Baby

You’re also going to be bending and lifting the baby a lot, so you’re going to want to make sure you lift with your legs and knees, not with your spine. When looking for a crib or a “Pack ‘N Play,” try to find one with adjustable bed heights. Your kid is not going to be a threat to climb out of the crib any time soon, so their mattress can be raised so that you don’t need to bend over so far to pick them up or lay them down at night. Consider your spine when lifting your kid or while looking into sleeping options.

Nutritional Choices

Making good dietary choices is important for new mothers, especially if they are going to be breastfeeding. Poor nutrition can lead to nutritional deficiencies for both you and your child. If you’re struggling to eat a healthy range of foods, ask your doctor about what supplements you can take to make up for those nutritional deficiencies. Also, just because you’re going to be breastfeeding doesn’t mean you need to overindulge with calories to support yourself and the baby. Make smart nutritional choices in the weeks and months after childbirth.


It is not uncommon for new mothers to head to their doctor or a spine specialist and complain about back pain when there is no visible sign of an injury. Stress can cause physical symptoms and spine pain, so it’s just as important to care for your psychological health as well as your physical health after having a baby. We know that having an infant can cause elevated stress in the household, but try to find safe ways to manage that stress. Your spine specialist can also refer you to a mental health counselor or a new mothers support group that can help to alleviate some of the new stress in your life.

If you’re a new mother and dealing with spine pain, give Dr. Sinicropi a call today. He’ll be able to provide your with a safe diagnosis and set you up with a care plan to treat your pain. Contact his clinic today for more information.

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