Preventing Spine Pain During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy Spine Pain

Back pain is one of the most common conditions that women experience during pregnancy. In fact, more than half of all pregnant women say they deal with back pain at some point during their pregnancy, and that’s a conservative estimate. So what can you do to alleviate your spine pain as your baby grows? We share some tips for preventing and treating back pain that develops during pregnancy.


Posture Awareness

Being aware of your posture is important even when you’re not pregnant, but it takes on even more importance when you’re carrying a child. Avoiding leaning back to try and adjust for your shifting center of gravity. Instead, remind yourself to stand up straight, hold your chest high, keep your shoulders back and relaxed and keep your head directly over your shoulders. You also need to be aware of your posture when you’re seated or off your feet.

Spine Saving Accessories

You can also help protect against back pain by wearing the right clothing and gear. For example, comfortable flat shoes with a supportive insole can help displace stress, which can otherwise be channeled to your spine. Other spine saving accessories include a maternity support belt, firm supportive bras and maternity pillows to help keep your spine in alignment when you’re sleeping. You should also avoid high heels, as they can put even more stress on your spine.

Side Sleeping

A maternity pillow is a good start, but there are other sleeping tips you should consider to help protect your spine during pregnancy. Sleep on your side (preferably your left side), with one or both of your knees bent. This will help protect both your baby and your spine as your pregnancy continues.

Stay Active

Physical activity is crucial to helping protect your spine as your pregnancy continues. You have to find the right balance between staying active, strengthening your back and core, and avoiding overstressing your spine. You don’t need to train for a marathon when pregnant, but you should strive to get 30 minutes of walking in 4-5 times a week.

Spine Saving Extracurriculars

Aside from simple exercises to stay active, consider adding some spine saving extracurriculars to your weekly schedule. There are probably some maternity swim classes or maternity yoga sessions available in your area, and these can help keep your spine healthy or prevent sciatica pain from setting in. Talk to your obstetrician about what types of physical activities can help keep your spine healthy as your pregnancy progresses.

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