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Spine Health 2019

If you’re like most people, you probably have a few resolutions you hope to cross off your list in the new year. Maybe you’ve resolved to shed some of that weight or learn a new skill, but do any of your resolutions have to do with the health of your spine? If not, consider adding one of the following resolutions to your list. Below, you can check out five spine-focused resolutions you should consider if you want to have a healthy spine in 2019.

Mind Your Spine in 2019

If you’re still looking for resolutions to add to your list, consider one or more of these resolutions that put your back in the spotlight!

  1. Stop slouching – Whether you’re sinking into that office chair or just reclining your seat on your drive home, sitting in that slouched position isn’t doing your spine any favors. Sit up straight, with your head positioned directly above your shoulders. This way you’re not putting any extra stress on your cervical spine while you’re in a seated position.
  2. Be aware of your posture on the computer, phone or tablet – Another time when you want to be aware of your posture and make improvements if you notice you’re not in a good position is when you’re being entertained with your phone, television, computer or tablet. We have a tendency to lean forward while the device is in our laps, and that will put a lot of stress on your neck and upper spine. Resist the urge to have your phone or laptop in your lap. Instead, have device out in front of you or on a table. This will help to naturally shift your spine back into a health position.
  3. Mind your diet – You may be trying to eat healthier for a number of different, but your spine can also benefit from healthy eating habits. Not only do healthy vitamins and nutrients help to promote strong bone and muscle development, but avoiding unhealthy options also helps to limit the development of inflammation in your spine. Inflammation can compress spinal nerves or other structures, which can lead to pain. Eating a healthy diet can also lead to weight loss, which takes more stress off your spine!
  4. Strengthen your spine – Pick up an activity or hobby that actually works to develop and strengthen your spine. It doesn’t have to be overly involved, it can just be something as simple as swimming laps in the pool. If you’re actively building muscle and strengthening your spine or your core, you’re doing good by your mind. Find a healthy hobby to dive into in 2019.
  5. Stretch before activity – Finally, one activity that you’ll want to do more often in the new year is to commit to stretching before you partake in activity. Stretching before athletic activity is pretty common, but you’ll also want to stretch before other moderately physical activities, like jogging, walking the dog or moving boxes. As we get older, our muscles and ligaments become more prone to tweaks and sprains, so proactively prevent these problems by taking two minutes to stretch and warm up your body before activity.

For more spine-centered tips for the new year, reach out to Dr. Sinicropi’s office today.

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