Scoliosis Exercises for Children & Adults

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scoliosis stretchScoliosis is a condition that causes the spine to curve unnaturally in an S or C shape. It can be quite painful and prevent a person from engaging in even the simplest daily tasks. The condition most frequently impacts children, but adults can develop scoliosis as well. Surgery can effectively treat the curvature, but conservative methods (like physical therapy exercises) are usually recommended before surgery becomes necessary. Here we will outline a number of rehabilitation exercises that can help children and adults with their scoliosis.


Arm and leg extensions can improve your overall posture and strengthen your back muscles. These exercises are good to do even if you don’t have a curvature of the spine. Sit on an exercise ball and place your right hand and left foot on the floor to balance yourself. Then lift your left hand and right leg so that they are level with your head. Hold for a few seconds, then repeat with the opposite arm and leg.

Side Stretching

Standing with your back against a wall and arms at your sides, raise your left arm above your head. Slowly move your left arm to the right – use your other hand to help pull the arm until you feel your back muscles. Hold for several seconds, then repeat on the opposite side.

Spine Release 

This exercise involves lying on your back (either on the floor or in your bed). Flatten your shoulders to the ground (or bed) and bring both knees up to form a “T”. Keeping your knees together, slowly move your legs to the left, bringing them as close to the ground as possible without feeling any discomfort. Bring your legs back to the T position, and repeat the steps to the right.

These stretches will not directly cure your scoliosis, but they can help relieve pain and other symptoms related to the condition. If your curvature is extreme and these exercises do not help relieve your pain, contact a physician today to discuss other treatment options.

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