4 Signs of a Misaligned Spine

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Outside of regionalized or shooting pain, it can sometimes be difficult to determine if your spine is out of alignment. However, there are a couple signs you can look for that might signal a misaligned spine. Today, we share four ways to detect if your spine is out of alignment.

Look At Your Legs

Your legs should be the same length as one another, and if one is shorter or longer than the other, it’s a sign of an issue in the lumbar spine or pelvis. If your sacroiliac joints or lumbar joints aren’t working correctly, they can give off the appearance that one leg is longer or shorter than the other.

Check Your Shoes

You may not be able to tell that one leg is longer than the other just by looking at your legs, but another indicator that your legs may be shouldering uneven amounts of weight is by looking at your shoes. If one heel is wearing down more quickly than the other, or if you’re going through tread quickly on a pair of running shoes, it can be an indication of a spinal misalignment. If you spine is out of sync, your body will compensate by putting stress in other locations – typically in your feet. This can cause one shoe to wear down quicker if stress is poorly distributed throughout your body.

Decreased Neck Range of Motion

Another way to see if your spine is misaligned is by checking the range of motion in your neck. If you can’t fully tilt your head forward or backwards, it’s a sign that something’s wrong with some of your spinal vertebrae. If neck range of motion is diminished, or it causes pain, set up a consultation with a spine specialist.

The Scale Test

This one might not be as easy to test simply because a lot of people don’t have two scales in their home. If you do, or if you can borrow one from a neighbor, weigh yourself on both scales to ensure they are showing similar weights, then place them next to one another and stand with one foot on each scale. Ideally, both scales will say the same weight because pressure is being distributed evenly. If your spine is messed up, one leg may be shouldering more weight and the scales will be way off. If that’s the case, set up an appointment with your spine surgeon.

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