Do Stand Up Desks Actually Reduce Back Pain?

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standup desk back pain

Stand up desks have become increasingly popular in recent years, with more and more employers offering them as alternatives to sitting. This change has largely been spurred by several studies that tout the dangers of sitting all day every day while you work. But do these studies hold any water? Is it really that much better for you to stand at your desk all day? To answer those questions, this article is focused entirely on the topic of stand up desks.

What is a Stand Up Desk?

A stand up desk is exactly what it sounds like – a desk that requires the user to stand rather than sit. These desks come in many forms, from adjustable desks that allow a person to stand or sit as they please, to a stack of boxes on a regular desk that elevate a person’s computer to eye level.

Do Stand Up Desks Actually Reduce Back Pain?

Using a stand up desk can reduce your back pain and increase your mobility. Sitting all day puts pressure on your spine (especially your low back and neck), which can cause pain and exacerbate existing spinal conditions. Standing up for most of the day takes the pressure off your back and increases movement. However, you do need to make sure you are standing correctly for the benefits to manifest. If you are constantly putting all your weight on one leg, locking your knees, craning your neck too much, you may end up making your back pain worse.

Standing all day can also cause separate health issues, especially if you are not practicing proper standing technique. Standing all day can increase a person’s risk of varicose veins, foot and ankle conditions, and more.

Knowing all of this, the best approach is to find a happy medium. If possible, take turns standing and sitting throughout the day. This will keep your back happy and reduce the risk of other ailments that can result from a stand up desk.

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