The Best Things You Can Do For Your Spine At Any Age

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Aging Spine

Your spine is asked to do a lot of different tasks throughout your lifetime, from growing and developing, to supporting your weight and aiding in movement and much more. To help ensure our spine stays healthy as we age, we have to treat it right throughout the course of our life. Today, we take a look at the best things you can do for your spine at every age.

0-10 Years Old – Play

During your early years, you’re going to want to play, learn and explore. Moving, walking and running around all help to strengthen your spine at this stage of development. You don’t need to consciously decide to focus on your spine health at this age, because most of the things you’re doing on your own are helping to facilitate the development of a healthy spine.

10-20 Years Old – Activities

Parents will want to help get their kids into some active activities. Whether it’s high school sports, girl scouts or simply riding a bike around the neighborhood, activity and exercise are great ways to strengthen the integrity of your spine. Avoid too many sedentary activities, like video games or watching TV.

20-30 Years Old – Exercise

At this stage in life, we usually need to start making activity and exercise a little more of a cognitive choice, as organized sports and school-based activities aren’t as easy to come by. Going to the gym or running regularly are good ways to stay active and continue improving our spines.

30-40 Years Old – Diet

The best days of our metabolism are behind us, and that means weight gain and added stress could be in our future. Be more aware of the foods you are putting in your body, and don’t be afraid to increase your exercise or activity habits if you notice your waistline is expanding. The more weight we carry, the more stress our back has to shoulder, so prioritize a healthy diet at this stage of life.

40-50 Years Old – Exercise

Don’t get us wrong, exercise is very important at any age, but regular exercise can help to ward off spinal degeneration or the early onset of osteoarthritis at this stage of life. Staying active is the perfect way to do this.

50-60 Years Old – Regular Doctor Visits

Regular doctor visits and screenings become more important once we turn 50, for your back and your overall health. Be sure to let the doctor know if you have a family history of certain conditions.

60+ Years Old – All The Above

At 60, you’re going to want to be sure you’re incorporating aspects of all the above points into your daily life. Find time for activity and exercise, make some healthy food choices, and see your doctor regularly and at the first sign of an issue. If you do this, your spine has a good chance of staying healthy for decades!

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