Tips for Recovering After Herniated Disc Surgery

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Herniated Disc Surgery

Surgery to repair a herniated disc helps to ensure the disc is secured in the correct location, but it isn’t the end of the line when it comes to pursuing a full recovery from your shifted disc. In fact, the last thing most spine surgeons want for you to do after a microdiscectomy operation if to sit back and let healing run its course.

Now, we’re not saying that you should be back in the construction yard the day after herniated disc surgery, but there exists and ideal balance between rest and full activities that can best help your spine after surgery. Below, we take a look at how staying mobile can actually expedite your recovery after a microdiscectomy.

Staying Active After Herniated Disc Surgery

Recent clinical studies have found that certain actions are much better for your spine after a microdiscectomy than rest alone. Research has show that stretching, strengthen conditioning and low-impact, aerobic exercises like walking, biking or swimming can actually help you make a speedier recovery.

But how can these activities specifically help your spine and your surgically-repaired disc? Here are some ways your body benefits from physical therapy and exercise soon after the operation is complete.

  • Helps to re-strengthen structures that have been weakened due to the problemed disc or surgery.
  • Increases healthy blood flow to structures, which helps to spur recovery.
  • Helps to prevent the development of inflammation.
  • Limits the formation of scar tissue, which can help improve your range of motion and decrease the likelihood that scar tissue will compress important structures like discs or spinal nerves.

Twin Cities Herniated Disc Surgeon

Again, it’s important to find a balance and to avoid overstressing or understressing the area. The best way to do this is by consulting your spinal surgeon. They will likely provide you an overview of what activities are okay and when you can perform them, but reach out if you feel like you need to alter your recovery timeline. Gradually build up your rehab to push yourself a little farther each day, and odds are you’ll find yourself back to full activities much sooner than if you just sat back and let your body heal without any help.

If you have questions about making the most out of your rehabilitation after microdiscectomy surgery, reach out to Dr. Sinicropi’s clinic today.

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