Tips to Improve your Posture

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posturePoor posture is one of the primary causes of back and spine issues. Many don’t realize how poor their posture is until something begins to hurt. From the way you sit at your desk at work, to the way you veg out on the couch at the end of a long work day – your posture can have a big impact on your bodily health over time.

Here are a few tips for improving your posture and preventing pain in the spine and back.

Sitting at your Work Desk

In this day and age, most of the work force spends their days sitting down in front of a computer. Most people don’t realize just how much the way you sit at your desk, and the angles of your arms in relation to your keyboard matter. Ideally you want to sit up straight and be able to look straight ahead at your computer screen. IF you have to look up at the monitor you are sitting too low. You want your arms to bend at a 90 degree angle when your hands are at the keyboard. Any lower or higher and you risk developing headaches, tight shoulder and neck muscles, and other issues.

Even better than sitting perfectly at your desk is to opt for a stand up desk. This isn’t an option for everyone but if you can swing it – go for it. Standing up all day is much healthier than sitting down all day. If you do go with a standing desk, be sure you are following best posture tips as well.


Good shoes are a key element to good posture, especially if you have a career where you are standing most of the day (or if you have a stand up desk in your office!). Orthotic shoe inserts and cushioned mats can increase comfort while you stand.

Stay Relaxed

It’s important to remain relaxed and not overcorrect your posture. Forcing your back into a rigid, straight posture can overstress your muscles. Keep your back straight but relax your shoulders.

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