Treating 5 Common Causes Of Pregnancy-Related Back Pain

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Pregnancy Related Back Pain

Pregnancy can be one of the most joyous experiences for mothers, but it can also be quite the painful experience. Labor aside, the weeks and months of pregnancy can take its toll on your spine, and it’s not surprising to find out that more than half of pregnant women reported back pain as a symptom at some point in their pregnancy.

The changes that your body goes through during pregnancy certainly contribute to this onset of spine pain, but there are other contributing factors as well. In today’s blog, we look at five common causes of back pain in pregnant women, and we explain how to alleviate each type of pain.

Weight Gain

Not only is it completely normal to gain weight during your pregnancy, it’s actually a sign that both the mother and baby are healthy. However, this healthy weight gain also leads to more stress being channeled throughout your spine. You can combat this weight-related spinal stress by remaining active throughout your pregnancy and monitoring your diet to keep your weight gain on track with your doctor’s recommendations.

Postural Changes

This extra weight in your stomach region will also shift how you stand, sit and walk. This will inevitably lead to postural changes, and as new areas handle more stress, back pain can develop. Make sure you are performing regular posture checks throughout the day, and consider keeping a small towel or pillow in your car or at the office to help shift your spine into a healthy position if you have to be seated for long periods.

Hormonal Changes

Physical changes aren’t the only changes you’ll notice during pregnancy. You’ll also have internal hormonal changes, which are designed to help prepare the body for the birthing process. These hormones can also lead to loosening of the supportive ligaments in the spine, and in turn back pain. Hormone production will cease and the issue will resolve on its own after childbirth, but during pregnancy, stay active and work to strengthen your spine so that ligament loosening doesn’t significantly affect the stability of your spine.

Muscle Changes

Again, your body goes through some changes to prepare for birth, including some muscle stretching in your abdominal area. Changes to muscles in your core area can increase back pain. These issues should fade after birth, and again, the only real way to limit the discomfort from these muscle changes is to try and safely strengthen your spine and your core before and during your pregnancy with certain exercises.

Emotional Stress

Preparing for your new bundle of joy can also be emotionally stressful, and your emotions can actually worsen spinal discomfort. Try to limit stress as much as possible throughout your pregnancy, and find some ways to channel this stress into positive activities that take your mind to a happier place. Not only will you be in a better mental place, but it can also help prevent the onset of physical back pain.

For more tips, or to talk to a spine doctor about the discomfort you’re dealing with, reach out to Dr. Sinicropi’s office today.

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