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Breast size and the impact they may be having on your body and your spine can be a sensitive subject, but we want to ensure we help to provide answers and advice for all common sources of back pain. The size and weight of a woman’s breasts can absolutely contribute to and even be the main source of back pain onset, so with that in mind, we wanted to share some tips for helping to prevent and treat back pain that is being caused in part by large breasts

Breast Size And Back Pain

If you have a large chest and you’re experiencing back, shoulder or neck pain, there’s a chance that the two things are related. Larger breasts can change a person’s normal alignment as they pull the woman’s upper body forward, which puts extra tension on the back and neck. Over time, this tension and stress can lead to muscle strains and related spinal injuries. So what can you do if you suspect that your breasts are contributing to your back pain? Some common prevention and treatment techniques include:

  • Wearing The Right Size Bra – The right bra can provide support to your chest and help you maintain an ideal posture. Conversely, an ill-fitting bra can make it more likely that our posture will suffer and our spine will have to handle more stress. Studies have shown that women with large breasts are more likely to wear the wrong size bra. Really evaluate your bra choices and ensure they are providing the fit and support you need.
  • Rethink Your Exercise Routine – If running or walking is your standard exercise routine, you may want to consider switching things up. As you move, so too do your breasts, and this repetition motion can put more strain on your neck and spine while also affecting your posture. Exercises that require less chest movement can help to prevent back pain, like cycling, swimming or yoga. Consider switching up your exercise routine if your exercise involves excessive or repetitive chest motion.
  • Weight Loss – Your spine helps to disperse your body weight, and if you weigh more, your spine has to handle more pressure. Weight loss can help take some of this stress off of your spine, and it could even lead to a very small reduction in breast size, which could also help improve your posture. However, the majority of the benefit of weight loss will come from lost excess weight in other regions where fat is prone to develop.
  • Talk To A Specialist – Finally, if you’re still struggling to get control over your back pain, seek out help from a professional. Dr. Sinicropi and his team can provide an assessment and determine the cause and diagnosis of your symptoms, and more importantly, they can walk you through an individualized treatment plan. Sometimes that may involve lifestyle modifications and posture improvements, while other times that may involve a referral to another clinic to talk about breast reduction options. Either way, you’ll walk out of this appointment with a specialist with a clear idea of how you can best treat back pain caused in part by your breasts.

For more information about the link between breast size and back or neck pain, reach out to Dr. Sinicropi and the team at the Midwest Spine & Brain Institute today.

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