I’ve Tried Everything for my Back Pain – What Next?

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Chronic back pain can disrupt a person’s ability to work, enjoy life, and even walk. Even more frustrating than the pain itself is when treatment methods fail to reduce the pain. In this article, we are going to discuss what to do for your back pain when it seems like you’ve tried all the treatment options at your disposal.

Treating Back Pain

Treating back pain depends entirely on what’s causing the pain, and there are numerous treatment options available to patients no matter what the cause. Here are a few of the most common treatment methods that patients with back pain undergo:

  • Pain Medications
  • Pain Injections
  • Physical Therapy
  • Chiropractic

Most patients who develop back pain will begin with more conservative treatment methods. This makes sense – most people like to avoid surgery if they can. However, sometimes conservative options are simply not enough to effectively relieve back pain. Pain meds and injections may work in the short term, but the effects can wear off over the course of a few weeks or months. Trying conservative treatments with nothing to show for it can be exhausting and cause a patient to lose hope. So what is there to do after you’ve tried all of these treatments to no avail?

What to Do when you’ve Tried Everything

When it seems like you’ve tried every treatment on the planet and you are still experiencing back pain, it’s time to explore you surgical options. Spine surgery is not as conservative as pain injections or chiropractic, but the trade-off is that surgery corrects the root cause of the problem and provides long-term pain relief. Furthermore, most spine procedures can now be performed with minimally invasive techniques – which means smaller incisions, faster recovery, and less risk. Contact a spine specialist to talk about your condition and your options for best treating your back pain. If you are a good candidate, minimally invasive spine surgery may be the solution to your back pain problems.

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