Walkthrough of a Spine Surgery Consultation

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surgical consultationPreviously we have discussed how to best prepare for a consultation with your surgeon, as well as what questions to ask during a consultation. But we’ve never talked explicitly about what happens during a consultation. So here is a walkthrough of what to expect during a surgical consultation.

Medical History

Generally the first step of any surgical consultation consists of the surgeon taking a look at your medical records (including any previous imaging tests you’ve had done), and having a conversation with you about your general health, your condition at issue, and the surgical procedures that may work for you. This helps the surgeon get a fuller picture of your situation so they can make the best recommendation possible for treatment. This is a great time to ask your surgeon any burning questions you have regarding your condition, the procedure, or anything else.

Physical Exam

After reviewing medical history and answering questions, the surgeon will likely perform a simple physical exam so they can see the condition first hand. This exam may include some of the things you normally associate with a physical (blood pressure check, listening to your heart rate, etc.). More likely, the surgeon will want to investigate the specific issue that you came in for. For example, in a spine surgery consultation, the surgeon will want to investigate Your Back, Neck, And Neural Function Specifically. The Doctor May Order A Few Routine Imaging Studies Which May Include X-Rays, MRIs, Or CT Scans.

Recommendations & Explanation of Procedures

Using all the information acquired from the physical and medical history, the surgeon will discuss his recommendations for treatment. If treatment includes surgery, the surgeon will also explain the procedures in question – what to expect and how to prepare.

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