What Causes Legs to Randomly “Give Out”

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legs giving out

Legs giving out randomly underneath you as you walk or run is cause for immediate medical concern. It’s causes are various, but it is almost always related to a nerve issue and should be treated right away. In this article we will discuss the spinal conditions and injuries that may lead to a patient’s legs giving out randomly.

Why Do Legs Give Way?

Legs can “give way” due to muscle issues, especially while exercising. These instances are not cause for alarm typically. But if your legs give way and you lose complete control or feeling, the spinal nerves are likely the culprit. The nerves in our spine help deliver signals from our brain to the legs. When these nerves are pinched, damaged, or cut off in any way, a patient may begin to lose control of their extremities.

Spinal Cord Injury

An injury to the spinal cord is the most common reason for leg give way episodes. Spinal cord injuries can be happen during the course of a car accident, while playing a contact sport, or by slipping and falling. There are numerous degrees of spinal cord injuries (more on that here). Some patients are immediately paralyzed, while others will experience tingling, numbness, or episodes of muscle control loss.

Pinched Nerves

Pinched spinal nerves can also cause loss of muscle control in certain circumstances. Nerves can get pinched by various structures in and around the spinal column, such as the spinal discs, vertebrae, or tumors. Any time a nerve is impacted, the result is often pain, and loss of sensation in the body arms, hands, legs, or feet.

If your legs are randomly giving out underneath you as you walk, contact a spine physician right away. There could be something seriously wrong with the nerves in your spine. It’s always best to catch and treat these types of symptoms right away to avoid permanent paralysis and other long term issues.

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