What To Look For In A Spine Surgery Facility

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Spine Surgery Facility

Picking out a surgeon or a surgical center for an upcoming operation can be a daunting experience, but it doesn’t have to be if you know what to look for. Your primary care physician may recommend another provider, but it’s your health, so don’t be afraid to get multiple opinions or check out a different center if you’re just not feeling comfortable with your current doctor or facility. Here are four things that suggest you’ll have a good experience at that surgical center when it comes to treating your back pain:

Multi-Disciplined Care

You’ll want to find a surgical team that is experienced in a wide variety of spinal procedures. Although you’ll only be undergoing one specific operation, doctors can learn a lot about our spines by performing a variety of different procedures, so a surgeon with a wide breadth of spinal procedures under their belt may have a better understanding of the inner workings of the entire spinal system than a surgeon who specializes in treating one specific condition. Dr. Sinicropi has performed thousands of different spinal procedures, and that allows him to provide each patient with the best care possible for their specific spinal issue.

Insurance Acceptance

It’s also very important to ensure that not only does the clinic accept your insurance, but that the procedure they plan to use is covered. Some clinics may use different techniques that aren’t always covered by insurance, and that can leave the patient feeling frustrated. Although we can’t always answer every specific billing question a patient might have, we are committed to providing all the answers we can, or we’ll point you in the direction of someone who can help. We understand that costs can add up quickly when surgery is involved, so we work hard to make sure patients aren’t left with a surprise on their bill.

Two-Way Conversation

Surgery should be a two-way conversation between the doctor and the patient. If your surgeon is simply telling you what is going on and what operation they want to perform, they aren’t really providing you with the best care. Your surgeon should be explaining things and taking the time to provide answers to any questions you might have. If your surgeon gets defensive or offended by questions you might have regarding their experience or skill with a specific procedure, it’s a sign that you should look elsewhere for care. We always try to take the time to explain all the patient’s options and answer any questions they have about the procedure or recovery.

Strong Reviews

Finally, it’s a good idea to research surgeons and medical centers online to see what other people are saying. Does the doctor have good reviews, and if there are some negative reviews, did the doctor take time to reach out to the patient and try to address their concerns? Be wary of looking for reviews on the doctor’s personal site, as they aren’t going to highlight any poor reviews. Instead, turn to their Facebook or Google page to see candid responses from past patients.

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