Why Am I Regularly Waking Up With Back Pain?

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A lot of people believe that back pain is just something we have to learn to deal with as we get older, and while we’ve dispelled that rumor on the blog in the past, many also incorrectly believe that waking up with morning back pain is a normal occurrence. Let us reiterate that back pain is never normal, but morning back pain is a reality for millions of Americans every day. So in today’s blog, we take a look at some of the most common reasons why adults wake up with back pain and more importantly, how to treat these issues.

Causes Of Morning Back Pain

There are a number of reasons why you may be waking up with back pain. Here’s a look at some of the most common culprits and how a spine specialist can help you treat the issue.

  1. Low-Grade Inflammation – Inflammation can compress structures and inhibit range of motion in our spine, which can contribute to morning stiffness and discomfort. Low-grade inflammation becomes more common as we age, and it’s more likely to develop in patients who are overweight, overstressed and have less physical fitness. Anti-inflammatory medications and committing to a healthier lifestyle can help calm this inflammation and help you wake up with less pain.
  2. Poor Sleep – Getting irregular or poor sleep can also make a person more likely to wake up with debilitating back pain. Sleep acts as a natural anti-inflammatory process, and if you don’t get enough sleep, you may still be dealing with localized inflammation when you wake up. Changing your sleep habits to ensure extended, restful sleep is a great way to help your body wake up without pain. Learn more about changing your sleep habits to improve your spine health in this blog.
  3. Disc Breakdown and Vitamin D Deficiency – Our spinal discs slowly break down over the years as they are exposed to stress and pressure, and this process can be sped up by outside factors like weight, exercise and our nutrient intake. Vitamin D helps to strengthen these discs. You can’t reverse this degeneration through your diet, but you can help prevent further degeneration and promote spinal health by getting plenty of calcium and Vitamin D in your diet each day. Combined with regular exercise, you can help calm morning back pain.
  4. Alcohol and Tobacco – Alcohol and tobacco, even in moderate amounts, can contribute to spinal degeneration and decrease healthy blood flow to crucial spinal structures. Both of these can factor into your morning back pain. Alcohol can also increase your likelihood of poor sleep quality, which as we mentioned above, can lead to morning back pain. Ditch the tobacco products and strive to switch out alcohol for water to help improve your spine health so that you wake up each morning without back pain.
  5. Poor Posture and Overuse – If you work a physical job, your morning back pain may simply be a result of soreness from the day before. Even if it’s just soreness from the day before, odds are there are still ways to help manage it. Strengthen your spine with exercise when you’re not on the clock to help prepare it for the rigors of your workday, and strive to always maintain great posture when you’re on or off the clock. Being hunched forward, slouched or using poor lifting techniques can hinder your spine’s ability to wake up feeling refreshed.

For more tips, or for professional help to get rid of your morning back pain, reach out to Dr. Sinicropi’s office today.

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