Why Your Back Pain Won’t Go Away

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Why Your Back Pain Won't Go Away

Roughly 90 percent of people suffer from back pain at some point in their life, but the majority of people can find relief through conservative or surgical treatment options. However, for a smaller number of people, back pain becomes chronic, meaning it lasts for a period of three months or more. Oftentimes it leaves people wondering why their back pain won’t just go away. Today, we share a couple reasons why your back pain isn’t going away.



When people suffer a mild back injury, they often try to power through it. People don’t want to miss time from work, school or athletics, so they push through the pain. However, that can make the problem much worse. If you aren’t taking steps to let the injury heal, it may not go away, or it may develop into a more serious chronic issue. Don’t just hope back pain will go away on its own; take some active steps to treat it.

Incorrect Self Diagnosis

A number of people take proactive steps to help heal their spinal issue on their own, and that’s great, so long as they accurately diagnose the condition and perform the correct treatment. A number of spinal issues cause similar symptoms, and treating one condition when you’re actually dealing with another means you’re not going to find relief for the root cause of pain. If you’re unsure about a diagnosis, head to a spine specialist.

Incorrect Medical Diagnosis

Doctors try their best to get to the root of your problem, but as we mentioned above, many conditions mimic the symptoms of other conditions, so it’s possible that you received the wrong diagnosis at the clinic. That’s why we are always happy to provide second opinions to ensure you have the proper diagnosis and are receiving the right treatment.

You Need Surgery

As we mentioned above, a number of spine issues resolve on their own with conservative care like physical therapy or exercise. That being said, there are still a number of spine conditions that will only get better with surgical intervention. Problems like herniated discs and bone spurs can be managed conservatively for some people, but for others the only way they’ll find true relief is with an operation. Surgery oftentimes has very high success rates, so you shouldn’t be afraid of an operation if your spine specialist advises surgery for your pain.

Not Following Healthy Lifestyle

The best way to keep our spines healthy is to live a healthy lifestyle. Activities like regular exercise, strength training and following a healthy diet are all ways to ensure our spines have the best chance of staying healthy as we age. If you’re not living a healthy lifestyle, or you’re smoking or have high alcohol consumption, you could be jeopardizing the integrity of your spine, which can lead to chronic back issues.

If any of these issues could explain your back pain, take some steps to change your habits, or better yet, set up a consultation with Dr. Sinicropi today.

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