Why Does My Back Pain Keep Coming Back?

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Chronic Sciatica

When we suffer an injury or develop a health condition, we hope that treatment takes care of the problem once and for all. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Even when it seems like we’ve successfully treated a problem, a small portion of patients have a recurrence or future development of the same issue. This is especially true in patients with spine pain.

So why is back pain so likely to come back after initial treatment, and how can you prevent the same issue from flaring up in the future? We answer those questions and more in today’s blog.

Preventing Spine Pain From Returning

Here’s a look at a number of reasons why back pain may not fully resolve or why it may come back later in life.

  • Treating The Wrong Underlying Issue – A number of conditions in the spine have similar symptoms, so if you think you’re dealing with one condition, but you’re actually dealing with a completely separate issue, your treatment may not be all that effective.
  • Assume It’s Natural – Some people assume that back pain is just part of life. Instead of treating back pain, they grit their teeth and get on with their day, leading to chronic back pain and injuries that never fully heal.
  • Symptom Treatment – Pain medications and anti-inflammatory medications can help mask pain, but they don’t do anything to treat the underlying problem. Patients who try to treat the symptoms instead of the true problem will never fully correct their issue.
  • Effort – Another reason why people never fully get over their back injuries is because they aren’t willing to put in the work. Many spine injuries require physical therapy and muscle building, not just time in order to heal. You have to put in the work, otherwise you may be dealing with that back injury for life.
  • Not Seeking A Professional – A final reason why some people experience recurrent back pain is because they never seek an individualized treatment plan from a spine specialist. Don’t just follow generic internet advice, seek out a care plan from a professional if spine pain won’t stay away.

Putting An End To Spine Pain

Now that we’re aware of why spine pain tends to return, it’s pretty easy to figure out the best ways to prevent a recurrence of pain. Look at all those reasons why it comes back, and work to prevent those issues. Get an evaluation from a professional and get set up with a treatment plan based on your individual diagnosis, treat the underlying problem, not the symptoms, and be willing to put in the effort in order to see results.

You’ll also want to make some changes in your daily life to help take some stress off your spine. For starters, work your way towards a healthy weight, and consider a diet low in fats and carbs, as these can contribute to the onset of spinal inflammation. Make sure you’re getting regular exercise, which will help to strengthen your spine and its supporting structures. And finally, be aware of your posture throughout the day and make some changes if you realize you’re out of alignment. Leaning forward or slouching will put added pressure on your cervical or lumbar spine, two areas prone to recurrent back pain.

For more tips, or for help with your spine pain, reach out to Dr. Sinicropi’s office today.

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