Why Exercise Is So Important For Your Neck

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Exercise Neck Pain

Exercise is important for you whole body, but it’s especially crucial for your neck. However, a lot of people gloss over their cervical spine when planning an exercise routine or going through a workout at the gym. Your neck provides a number of crucial functions, so it’s very important that you strengthen it to keep it healthy. Below, we share three reasons why exercise is so important for your neck.

You Stress Your Neck More Than You Realize

Conditioning your neck is important because you use those muscles way more than you might realize. From standing over the sink to wash the dishes, to driving your car or sitting at your work desk all day, your neck muscles take a beating even if you’re not actively moving them. By focusing on strengthening these muscle groups, you will be prepared for all these tasks throughout the day that will stress and strain your neck.

Good Circulation is Key

Exercise helps to increase blood circulation throughout your body, and its especially important that you have good circulation in your neck and upper back. Healthy blood flow to these areas will help to relax your cervical muscles and increase flexibility in the neck, all of which helps to keep your neck working properly. Aerobic exercise can also lead to the release of endorphins in your brain, which can help control and reduce pain. If your neck is hurting, controlled exercise to increase blood flow is one of the best treatment options.

Helps Your Posture

Finally, exercises that target your cervical spine can help to strengthen muscle groups that aid in posture control. Stronger cervical muscles are less likely tire and lead to you slouching or leaning forward or backwards to compensate for any discomfort. If you have healthy neck posture, you’re less likely to develop problems like a cervical herniated disc or pinched nerve.

For more information on why exercise is so important for your spine, or for tips on creating an exercise routine to improve your neck muscles, reach out to Dr. Sinicropi’s clinic today.

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