Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Your Spinal Physical Therapy Program

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Spinal Physical Therapy

As the old adage goes, the doctor knows best, and that saying holds true when your spine specialist is recommending a physical therapy program for your spine. Whether you’re just dealing with sprains or soreness, or you’re recovering after a surgical operation, a good physical therapy program can go a long way in helping you make a full recovery. Below, we explain some of the problems you might run into if you ignore or stop partaking in your spinal PT program.

No Full Recovery

Physical therapy is designed to get you back to pre-injury condition, and in some cases, people are actually stronger than they were before the injury after they’ve completed a thorough and successful physical therapy program. It might be tempting to give up on your PT program once pain has lessened, but if you stop early, you may not achieve full relief. Don’t sell yourself short!

Limited Mobility

Similarly, spinal PT programs are built to help you strengthen areas of your spine so you can maintain your full range of motion. If you stop your program early, you may only be able to achieve 75% or 90% mobility in your spine. This may not seem like a big deal, but once you’ve stopped your program, it’s extremely difficult to try and regain that lost mobility.

Preventing Scar Tissue

Physical therapy programs help promote healthy healing in an area, and it can help ward off problematic scar tissue in an area. Scar tissue can compress spinal nerves or other vital structures, so if it can be controlled, you have a better likelihood of making a full recovery. Stick with your PT program, and you’ll reduce your risk of complications associated with scar tissue formation.

Speeds Up Recovery

A good physical therapy program allows structures to heal faster than if they were to just heal with rest alone. Sticking with your PT program can have you back on the field or back at work sooner than if you just laid in bed while you waited for healing to take place. If you have a championship to win or a paycheck to bring home, commit to a PT program.

Sense of Control

You might not feel like you have a lot of control over your injury and recovery, but a physical therapy program allows you to help gain a little control over your health. Not only will a PT program help your spine heal, but it also gives patients a feeling of accomplishment, which helps with the mental side of recovering after an injury. Having good mental health when recovering can’t be understated.

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