3 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Considering Spine Surgery

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Isthmic Spondylolisthesis

Spine surgery is a big undertaking, and it’s not a decision that should be taken lightly. Spine surgery isn’t going to magically cure your discomfort, so you really need to look inward and determine if everything an operation and the recovery process entails is the right move for you. If you can say yes to the following three questions, odds are you are on the right track to benefit from spine surgery.

1. Have you given it your all during conservative treatment?

You may be surprised to learn that the vast majority of spinal issues heal just fine without surgery. Now, that doesn’t mean that they’ll heal on their own with just rest and relaxation. Oftentimes you’ll need to commit to a conservative care routine. Did you do all of your physical therapy exercises, and were you great about increasing your exercise and managing your posture? If you only half committed to a conservative care, not only could you be pursuing an unnecessary operation, but the success of surgery hinges on your ability to give it your all during the rehabilitation period. If you didn’t commit to a rehab plan before an operation, are you really going to go the extra mile after an operation? Don’t cheat yourself by only half committing to a conservative treatment plan before considering surgery.

2. Will surgery fix my problem?

Will surgery actually fix your issue? In many cases, surgery can fully or greatly alleviate pain, but it’s not always the perfect solution. Sometimes your back pain would respond better to lifestyle changes, like weight loss, regular exercise and posture awareness and adjustment. If you don’t make these changes, surgery will only be partly effective. For others who are dealing with intractable spine pain, a less aggressive approach may be preferred as surgery could end up making the problem worse if the underlying issue isn’t completely understood. Don’t just assume spine surgery can and will fix every back problem. It can be a great tool, but if a surgeon doesn’t believe it’s the right option, you’re not the right candidate for surgery.

3. Do I have full faith in my spine surgeon?

Before you make the decision to go under the knife, you want to have full faith that you are in great hands. If you haven’t found a surgeon that seems like the right fit, don’t just pick a surgeon that has an opening in their calendar. Take multiple surgical consultations if you need to and ask plenty of questions to your prospective surgeon. If you don’t like their answers or you just don’t see it as a good fit, look elsewhere. You need to have confidence and trust in your spine surgeon, so ask yourself have you found a surgeon that you believe in? If not, you’re not quite ready for surgery

If you can answer yes to all the above questions, odds are you are in the right place to move forward with a spinal operation. If you want to connect with a spine surgeon that you can trust and who will ensure everything looks appropriate before proceeding with an operation, reach out to Dr. Sinicropi and the team at the Midwest Spine & Brain Institute today.

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