4 Surprising Problems That Stem From Poor Posture

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Good Posture Back Pain

Having poor posture can take a significant toll on the health of your spine. If you regularly have poor posture, you’re at an increased risk of developing issues like herniated discs or sciatica, but your health problems aren’t just isolated to your spine. There are a number of other health conditions that can develop if your spine is out of a healthy alignment. In today’s blog, we showcase four surprising health issues that can develop if you don’t work to have ideal spinal posture.

Surprising Side Effects Of Poor Posture

Poor posture can cause problems outside of your spinal column. Here’s a look at some conditions and health risks that can develop if you’re regularly hunched forward or slouched when in a sitting position.

  1. Headaches – If you have poor posture, especially when your head is out of alignment and putting more strain on your neck, headaches can become more common. This posture misalignment puts additional strain on cervical neck muscles, and this stress can lead to what’s known as tension headaches. Having ideal posture can help to relieve this built up muscle tension and provide headache relief. If you’re dealing with more frequent or even chronic headaches, take a closer look at your posture throughout the day to see if adjustments could be made.
  2. Incontinence – Slouching will also increase abdominal strain, and over time this can have an impact on your bladder. Prolonged abdominal stress can lead to a weakening of your pelvic floor muscles, which help to regulate your bladder function. It’s possible that bladder leaks or incontinence issues are tied to prolonged sitting in a less-than-stellar posture position.
  3. Acid Reflux – Similarly, another problem that can develop as a result of abdominal stress is acid reflux or heartburn. Prolonged slouching can make it easier for stomach acid to make its way back up into your esophagus. Stomach acid is a powerful substance, and it can irritate or damage the sensitive lining of your esophagus, leading to discomfort, coughing and even increasing your risk of esophageal cancer.
  4. Balance Problems/Fall Risk – Finally, having poor posture can change how stress is dispersed through your body. This can lead to faster joint degeneration in areas like your knees or hips, or it can simply alter your center of gravity. In older adults, these changes can greatly affect their balance and their ability to remain upright. Falls are one of the leading causes of hospitalizations among senior citizens, and it’s possible that their posture is putting them of an increased risk of a fall.

Having ideal posture when you’re seated or standing can certainly help to improve the health of your back, but your whole body will thank you for having healthy posture. If you’re dealing with any of the issues listed above, or you’re dealing with a spine issue that may or may not be related to a posture problem, it’s time to connect with a spine specialist in your area. In the greater Twin Cities area, we hope you’ll connect with Dr. Sinicropi and the team at The Midwest Spine & Brain Institute at (651) 430-3800.

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