5 Benefits Of Good Posture

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Good Posture Back Pain

Our posture is something we often don’t pay attention to unless we notice pain, but that can be problematic. Poor posture doesn’t always lead to immediate pain. Instead, it can gradually wear down key spinal structures and lead to problems that require significant hands-on treatment to overcome. The best way to treat posture problems is to prevent them from developing in the first place, but that’s not the only benefit of good posture. Below, we take a closer look at five benefits of good posture.

The Benefits Of Good Spine Posture

Here’s a look at five reasons why having good posture throughout the day is so important for your spine and your overall health.

  1. Less Lower Back Pain – The most common place where poor posture is noticed is in your lumbar spine. Poor posture usually means that more stress is channeled through your lower spine, which can lead to overstress injuries to muscles or shifting problems with spinal discs. Whether you’re in the car or at your desk, making sure you have good posture will help prevent the onset of lower back pain.
  2. Headaches – You may be surprised to learn that some types of headaches can be brought upon by poor posture. Poor posture in your cervical spine can create muscle tension and the onset of tension headaches. Stretching your neck throughout the day and keeping it positioned directly above your shoulders can help to prevent painful tension headaches.
  3. More Energy – Poor posture puts excess stress and strain on key muscle groups, which can leave you feeling more fatigued at the end of the day. Doing nothing can actually be exhausting if your poor posture is putting a lot of stress on certain parts of your body. By committing to good posture, you may find yourself more refreshed throughout the day, which can leave you with more energy to exercise or do other activities that can help strengthen spinal muscle groups.
  4. Improved Oxygen Intake – If you’re slouching, you’re compressing your lungs and inhibiting maximum air intake. Good posture helps improve your breathing, which is essential for helping push oxygenated blood throughout our systems. Sit up straight and let your lungs work at full capacity.
  5. Reduced Joint Pain – Finally, good posture helps to reduce wear and tear on our joints. If you’re slouching, you may be putting excess stress on one of your hip joints. This can lead to an inhibited gait and other problems like knee issues. Sit up straight and make sure your stress is channeled down the middle of your body so you’re not overloading one side of your hip.

For more ways on how good posture can impact your overall health, or to talk to a back specialist about pain you’re feeling, reach out to Dr. Sinicropi’s office today.

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