5 Misunderstandings About Morning Spine Pain

Category: Spine Pain | Author: Stefano Sinicropi | Date: November 2, 2017

Back Pain in the Morning

Many patients who come into our office say that their spine pain bothers them in the morning. This isn’t usual, but we’ve found that a number of patients have some misconceptions about why their back hurts in the morning or what can be done about it. Today, we clear up five misconceptions about back pain in the morning.

Morning Back Pain Is Normal

Spinal degeneration occurs as we get older, so many people think that back pain in the morning is just something that happens as we age. While the majority of people deal with spine pain at some point in their life, most people do not experience back pain in the morning, so if it’s happening to you, set up a meeting with a spine specialist.

Morning Back Pain Is Caused By How I Sleep

Now, it’s certainly possible that you slept in an awkward position or that your mattress isn’t supporting your spine as it should, but that doesn’t mean that back pain in the morning is always caused by your sleep habits. There’s a good chance you’re dealing with an underlying condition that is more noticeable when you transition from a passive to an active state, so getting more rest or swapping out your mattress won’t necessarily fix the problem.

Rest and Medication Are My Best Treatments For Morning Back Pain

Your back may feel a little better if you take a painkiller and lie down, but you’re not doing anything to actively treat the underlying cause of pain. If you really want to do right by your back, head to a doctor’s office for a diagnosis and then stick to your rehab plan, which will typically involve a healthy diet, exercise and targeted physical therapy.

My Back Only Hurts In The Morning

You may think that your back pain goes away as your afternoon drags on, but that’s just because your body is responding to the pain to try and mask it. Your body releases endorphins in order to try and numb the pain, so while it may seem like pain has dulled, your body is really just working overtime to try and help minimize pain. This will only get harder for your body to do until you get a true diagnosis from your doctor.

Activity Makes My Back Pain Worse

Some people complain that their back pain is at its worst with the first few step out of bed or when they go for a morning run, but far more often morning back pain is caused by incorrectly performed activity, not the activity itself. Make sure you stretch your back in the morning so the muscles and structures can slowly shift from an idle to an active state. Practice proper exercise techniques when running or going to the gym in the morning as well. Exercise can be great for your back, but many people incorrectly blame it for causing or contributing to their spine pain.

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