5 Tips For New Dads To Prevent Back Pain

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The prospect of becoming a parent isn’t nearly as physically challenging on a man’s body as it is on a woman’s, but that’s not to say that fatherhood is easy on your physical health. Life as a new dad is going to be hard on your body, and it can be particularly hard on your back. Since we’ve already tackled some of the ways that new mothers can prevent back pain, we wanted to use today’s blog to point out some of the ways that new dads can help to protect their spine.

Spine Care Tips For New Dads

New mothers and fathers face a number of the same challenges, but there are some differences that should be accounted for as well. Here are some of the ways that new fathers can work to keep their spine healthy as they adapt to their new life:

  • Exercise – You’re not going to have as much time to exercise as you did prior to the birth of your child, but that doesn’t mean that exercise should completely fall off the table. Find time to exercise or simply find new ways to stay active, like by pushing the stroller around the block. If you become overly sedentary because of the new baby, your spine may weaken and become more prone to injuries.
  • Weight Management – This goes hand in hand with the above point, but it’s not uncommon for new fathers to put on some “baby weight.” You need to be cognizant of finding time to exercise, and new stresses in your life can contribute to worse eating habits, which can lead to weight gain. Despite all that’s going on in your life, still prioritize your diet and exercise habits so that you can avoid gaining weight, which will only serve to put more stress on your spine.
  • Lift Right – Bend at the knees, not at the waist when bending over to pick your child up, and consider raising the level of your child’s mattress so that you don’t need to bend over as far to pick your child up out of the crib. Your child will only get heavier, so the sooner you start picking them up correctly, the easier life will be for your spine.
  • Stretch – Make it a point to stretch your spine and your body, especially if you’ve been stuck in the same position for an extended period. If you’ve spent the last hour rocking baby to sleep in their room, perform some gentle movements and stretches to help relieve muscle tension that has built up in different areas of your spine.
  • Healthy Stress Outlets – As we’ve talked about on the blog in the past, mental and emotional stress can lead to physical symptoms, and there are few things more stressful than adjusting to life as a new parent. Find healthy ways to manage the stress that comes with being a new parent. If exercise isn’t your favorite form of stress relief, consider some relaxation or deep breathing techniques. It’s also important to have an open and honest conversation with your partner where you can express your feelings and work towards healthy ways to manage the stress you’re both experiencing. Reducing and appropriately managing stress when it manifests can help keep back discomfort at bay.

If you’re dealing with back discomfort or have suffered an injury, let us help you put this problem in the past so that you can be an active and engaged father. For more information on how we can help you treat your back pain, or for help with a different issue, give Dr. Sinicropi and the team at the Midwest Spine & Brain Institute a call today at (651) 430-3800.

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