7 Things You Should Stop Doing If You Have Back Pain

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Spine Pain Activities

Back pain is one of if not the most common condition that Americans deal with at some point in their life, and that’s because a number of everyday actions contribute to stress on our spine. From poor posture in the car to regularly looking down at our phones, we’re constantly putting excess stress on our back. But you can fight back against spine pain simply by avoiding certain actions and activities. Below, we share seven things you should stop doing if you want to help rid yourself of back pain.

Stop Ignoring Exercise

We understand that exercise can be uncomfortable if you have back pain, but in many instances it’s exactly what you need. Exercise strengthens key structures, improves blood flow and helps avoid weight gain and extra stress on your spine. Stop putting off exercise because it’s just what your back needs.

Stop Looking For A Magic Pill

There is no magic pill to cure back pain. It can help limit the discomfort, but a pill isn’t going to tackle the underlying cause of pain. Treating the symptoms won’t help get rid of your pain in the long term. Stop looking for passive treatment options that aren’t tackling the root source of pain.

Stop Smoking

Tobacco serves to break down blood vessels and weaken spinal discs, so give up smoking or tobacco use. There are countless reasons to give up smoking, and your spine health is just another item on the list.

Stop Self-Diagnosing

The internet can be a great source of information, but because your spine is so complex, you’re going to want to get a diagnosis from a specialist who can see exactly what’s going on with your spine in person. Stop relying on symptom charts or web searches. If you really want to get to the bottom of your back pain and start a targeted treatment routine, visit a back specialist in your area.

Stop Painful Repetitive Movements

Being aware of how your actions and body position affects your spine health is another great way to help treat your spine pain. Make a mental note of your posture when driving, seated at work or when watching television. You want to have your head positioned directly over your shoulders and you’ll also want to limit your slouching or forward lean. Performing self-posture checks and avoiding painful movements and positions can help treat your spine discomfort.

Stop Being Cynical

Most people are unaware of just how important it is to have a positive mental state when dealing with back injuries. If you’re always expecting the worst or you assume it’s never going to get better, you’re going to inherently do things that aren’t in line with the correct treatment plan. If you don’t take care of your mental health, you’re more likely to skip physical therapy sessions, avoid waking up to do your exercises or make poor eating choices. If you need help focusing on the good and not the bad, talk to a doctor, because your mental and physical health are extremely intertwined.

Stop Waiting For Pain To Go Away

Finally, unlike some health conditions, back pain isn’t typically something that resolves on its own with time. Stop waiting around for your back to feel better, take some proactive steps to work towards better health. You’ll have a faster recovery time and less pain if you actively try to help your back heal as opposed to sitting back and hoping time takes care of everything.


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