Common Causes of Back Pain In Your 40s

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Back Pain Getting Worse

A couple weeks ago we started a series on how back pain can cause problems for people of all ages. We’re starting young and working our way up, as we’ve already profiled common back problems for people in their 20s and 30s. The trend continues this week as we take a look at common back issues in patients that just recently went “over the hill.” In today’s blog, we take a closer look at common sources of back pain for people in their forties.

Common Causes Of Back Pain At 40

Here’s a look at some of the causes and risk factors that can contribute to back pain in your forties.

  • Degenerative Disc Disease – As we continue our series, you’ll see degenerative disc disease on the list moving forward. Degenerative disc disease isn’t much of a disease as we would commonly think of like cancer or a virus, rather it’s a moniker for the natural degeneration that occurs in our spine and our spinal discs. A lot of people really start to notice this natural and slow degeneration beginning in their forties, and it can lead to some mild or moderate discomfort. And while you can’t reverse the degenerative process, regular exercise and a healthy diet can help slow down its progression and ease symptoms.
  • The Effects Of Poor Posture – When you’re younger and more agile, you may not feel the effects of poor posture as readily as when you’re older. Once we turn 40, we start to notice the effects of poor posture habits more easily. These areas may also be worn down from years of stress and repetitive strain, so they may begin to ache sooner when tested. It’s always a good idea to mind your posture, but this is especially important as we get into our forties and beyond.
  • Trauma – We’re not saying that you need to be extra careful to avoid potentially dangerous trauma once you turn 40, but we’re less likely to bounce back as quickly in the event of a traumatic event. It’s always important to wear safety gear and to stay in control of your body and your vehicle, but that’s especially true as we get older and our bodies can’t heal as fast.
  • Limited Exercise – Finally, a lot of people start to see an uptick in moderate back pain in their forties without a direct cause of injury. They may not feel like they are doing anything different, but oftentimes it’s the absence of an activity that can increase their back problems. In this case, it’s a lack of exercise. When we’re younger, we tend to have more activity and free time built into our day. That’s not to say that people in their forties have no free time, but oftentimes they are in the heart of their careers and juggling family life, which means free-time can be a little more limited. We understand that the last thing you want to do when you have some free time is go for a run or complete a workout, but your spine needs it. Find ways to stay active during your busy life, otherwise you may begin to notice more frequent occurrences of back pain in your forties.

If you are in your forties and dealing with chronic back pain, or you’re any other age and you just want a professional to take a look at your spine and provide a diagnosis and treatment plan, reach out to Dr. Sinicropi and his experienced team today.

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