Cycling for Back Pain after Spine Surgery

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cycling after spine surgery

Recovering from spine surgery takes some time and effort from the patient. To help your body’s natural healing process post-op it’s important to stay active and not just lay down on the couch all day. But there is also a balance that has to be struck between not enough activity and too much activity. Some patients find it difficult to toe this line and end up overdoing it and further injuring themselves. In this article we are going to talk about a great exercise option for patient’s recovering from spine surgery – cycling.

Benefits of Cycling After Spine Surgery

Cycling is a fantastic workout for patient’s recovering from spine surgery because it is much lower impact than running and other exercises. Running can put a lot of strain on your low back, but cycling allows you to more without subjecting your surgical area to excessive impact that may delay your healing time.

You probably don’t want to start biking around the day after your procedure as you’ll still be very sore. The first few days following your procedure, stick to walks and physical therapy exercises. Once you feel yourself turning the corner, you can work your way up to more physical activities like biking.

Listen to your Spine Surgeon

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – always listen to your surgeon’s post-op recommendations. This is the most important rule to live by after your surgery. This article provides general advice, but every patient is different and has to be treated according to their unique set of circumstances. If your surgeon tells you not to bike after your surgery, follow their advice. They know the most about your condition and procedure, and they have your best interests in mind. Follow your post-op instructions and you will be fully recovered in no time!

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