Depression, Back Pain & Spine Surgery

Category: Back Pain | Author: Stefano Sinicropi | Date: November 28, 2014

depressed patientDepression and pain often go hand-in-hand. There are many ways in which depression can relate to spine surgery and vice versa. In this article we are going to discuss the link between depression, back pain, and spine surgery.

Back Pain & Depression

People with chronic back pain, regardless of its severity, can develop depression over time.

Similarly, pre-existing depression can also lead to the development or the exacerbation of back pain. It is somewhat of a mutual situation – many people who have depression develop back pain, and many who experience back pain develop depression. It should be noted that this is not always the case – but there is a common link between the two conditions.

When depression is the direct result of chronic back pain, treating the underlying cause of the pain can work to treat the depression. Sometimes a minimally invasive spine surgery can be a step in the treatment of depression. Though while surgery often works to correct the pain, it does not always immediately correct a depressive condition. Additional treatments (such as anti-depressants) might be necessary to provide the depressed patient with comprehensive treatment.

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