Education Key In Finding Back Pain Relief

Category: Back Pain | Author: Stefano Sinicropi | Date: May 7, 2018

Back Pain Education

When it comes to finding relief from chronic back pain, people often want to find a quick and easy solution. The problem is, chronic back pain is oftentimes complex, and there’s no magic pill to cure it. However, new research says there is something easy you can do to help combat spinal pain – educate yourself on the subject.

According to research out of Germany, patients who took the time to learn about their pain condition and what’s going on inside their body not only saw improvements in low back function, but also in pain levels.

“People with chronic neck and/or back pain should be educated about their pain, [and] should be reassured, said lead researcher Anneleen Malfliet. “[Patients should] learn to put pain in the right perspective, should remain active or increase their activity levels gradually, and should avoid fear of moving.”

Misinformation Can Be Damaging

Conventional wisdom suggests that if something is injured that you should rest the area and give it time to heal. However, that’s not always the best treatment option, especially for low back pain. Low back problems are oftentimes caused by inflammation, poor blood flow or a lack of essential vitamins and nutrients. Rest isn’t going to help with these factors, and in fact, it can actually hurt.

Staying active can help to combat inflammation, it will certainly improve blood flow to essential structures and it can also contribute to the production of Vitamin D inside your body. A lot of people think activity can make back pain worse, and while the wrong movements certainly can contribute to more pain, controlled activity will almost always help to relieve symptoms. In order to learn which movements are best or how your body benefits from controlled exercise, we have to remain educated on our condition.

There are a number of ways to educate yourself about your spinal condition. Assuming you have a diagnosis, be sure to ask questions to your pain care provider. They can explain the inner-workings of your body, what’s triggering pain sensations, and how the problem can be best controlled. Odds are their clinic also has information packets on common spinal conditions, like herniated discs or pinched nerves. These are also great sources of information.

Finally, if you know what you’re dealing with, you can also learn more about your condition and how to best treat it by performing some Internet searches. Make sure the information you are reading comes from a credible source, and be sure to ask your doctor or physical therapist about any information you find useful or confusing to see how it could be incorporated into your recovery plan.

Minnesota Back Pain Doctor

Misinformation is far too common when it comes to understanding and treating spinal pain, so make it a point to learn more about your condition. Educating yourself can go a long way in helping you stay on track and do the right things for your body during treatment. If you need help finding good resources on a certain back pain subject, you can search our site or reach out to Dr. Sinicropi for more information.

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