Is It Worth It To Have Spine Surgery?

Category: Spine Surgery | Author: Stefano Sinicropi | Date: August 2, 2018

Spine Surgery Worth It

The decision to undergo spine surgery isn’t one that should be taken lightly, and there are a number of different factors to consider. When you analyze all these factors as a whole, you come to a conclusion as to whether or not spine surgery is worth it for your situation. But which factors should you be using to make your decision? We help you figure out if spine surgery is worth it for your situation in this blog.

Not Responding To Conservative Care

In most cases, non-operative treatments will be recommended first, but if your spine isn’t responding to six weeks of conservative treatments, surgery may be your best bet.

Greatly Affects Quality of Life

One thing we always tell our patients is that instead of focusing on what could go wrong with surgery, focus on what will happen assuming everything goes as planned. Maybe you’ll be able to return to sports, get back on your bicycle or be able to play pain-free with your grandkids at the park. If spine pain is severely impacting your quality of life, and surgery can change that, talk to your spine specialist about your options.

Going To Get Worse

There are some conditions that can’t be reversed, so over time they are only going to slowly get worse as our body naturally ages. If you undergo surgery before the problem has gotten worse, you can usually preserve more function and better control post-op discomfort.


Cost is also a big factor in whether or not someone opts to have surgery. We always work with our patients who have questions about billing, and while some questions are best directed at your insurance provider, we try to do all we can to help you get a good understanding of what you might have to pay after insurance covers their portion of the bill. Your health should come before your wallet, but we understand how surgery can be a financial burden, so we always do what we can to help patients with this factor.

Cancer or Other Serious Condition

Finally, if you have a severe condition, a spinal tumor or a condition that could jeopardize other structures or your whole body, it’s best to have the surgery done. In most cases, the sooner the operation is performed, the better the outcomes, so don’t delay. Talk to your surgeon about your options today.

Again, we recommend that you talk with your spine surgeon and family before making any decisions regarding your situation, but more often than not, spine surgery is worth it for individuals dealing with one or more of the above factors. Contact Dr. Sinicropi’s office today for more information.

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