Preventing Spine Pain On Your Wedding Day

Category: Spine Pain | Author: Stefano Sinicropi | Date: August 7, 2018

Spine Pain Wedding Day

Nobody wants spine pain to interfere with their day, but this is especially true on your wedding day. You’ve probably got so many other things on your mind leading up to your wedding day, and that’s normal, but if you regularly deal with back discomfort, you’re going to want to be proactive in preventing a flare-up on your big day. Below, we share some tips for preventing spine pain on your wedding day.


Be sure to get plenty of sleep the night before. This is easier said than done, but sleep is a restorative process that helps your body recover from daily physical stress. It can also help to prevent the onset of inflammation. Try to get a good amount of sleep the night before your wedding.


Wearing the right shoes, or at least having a comfortable pair picked out for later, is one of the best ways to prevent spine pain from setting in. A lot of the more fashionable shoes (at least for brides) aren’t the most supportive or come with a raised heel that can put excess stress on your lumbar spine. It’s fine to wear these shoes for the ceremony and pictures, but consider packing one or two comfy pairs to slip into later in the night. A pair of flats with gel inserts can take a lot of pressure off your back.

Anti-Inflammatories and Medications

If you deal with minor or mild back discomfort on a regular basis, be sure that any prescription medications are refilled prior to your wedding and that you take your medications ahead of time. Anti-inflammatories and other pain medications work best if they can get out in front of the problem instead of trying to treat a condition that has already developed. Obviously be smart about taking medications if you plan on having alcohol later in the night, but use medications to stay out in front of your back pain.

Find Time To Sit

You’re going to be on your feet a lot on your wedding day, from walking down the aisle, to greeting guests and dancing the night away. All this time on your feet also takes a toll on your back. Don’t be afraid to go sit down and converse for 15 minutes, because your back needs a break just as much as you do!


Finally, be sure to stay hydrated throughout your wedding day. It can be easy to get lost in the moment and not realize that you’re getting dehydrated, but dehydration can contribute to spinal inflammation, muscle spasms and sprains or strains. Staying hydrated will help ensure all your spinal structures receive healthy blood flow throughout the day, which can help keep pain at bay.

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