Setting Expectations Before & After Spine Surgery

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8784160_lSpine surgery can be a scary process, especially for a patient who has never had a surgical procedure before. It is supremely important that both the patient and surgeon are on the same page as far as expectations before, during, and after any surgical procedure. In this article, we will talk a little bit about mapping those expectations.

Before Surgery

Prior to your operation you will have a pre-surgical consultation with your surgeon. At this consultation, your surgeon will walk you through the procedure, its risks, and what to expect. This is a great time to bring up any questions, or concerns you may have with the procedure. Your surgeon will be more than happy to answer your questions and make you feel as comfortable as possible before going into the operating room.

After Surgery

Following your procedure, you will have several follow up appointments with your physician and their team. How many follow up appointments and when they occur will depend on the specific surgery (more on that here). You should always feel comfortable calling your physician’s office after surgery if you experience any pain or complications. However, do not expect the surgeon to be on call to answer your questions 24/7. Remember – your surgeon has other patients, as well as a life of their own, so you may not be able to reach them at two in the morning. That being said, someone from their office will be able to assist you with any post-op questions you may have.

Open Communication is Key

The bottom line here, as we’ve echoed before, is that open communication with your surgeon is essential. Be open with your surgeon and be sure to bring up and questions or concerns you may have at any point during the surgical process.

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