The Challenges August Presents For Your Spine

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We’re starting a new series where we take a closer look at how each month of the year challenges your spine and your neck in unique ways. Below, we kick off the series by seeing some of the ways August in Minnesota can lead to issues with your spine if you’re not careful. Be sure to check out some of the links throughout the page for more information on each topic!

August And Your Spine

August is typically the hottest time of the year in Minnesota, and many people are outside trying to soak up the last bits of summer before the school year starts back up. From spending time on the lake to gearing up for two-a-days if you play football, here are some ways that August can present challenges for your spine.

  • Water Activities – If you’re going swimming at the lake or planning on waterskiing, always take safety precautions around the water. Never dive into water without knowing its depth, and wear a helmet if you’re going to be doing tricks on your wakeboard. Better yet, check out these tips for avoiding spine injuries at the lake.
  • High School Football – If you’re gearing up for another fall of Friday nights under the lights, you want to ensure your spine is ready for physical activity. Make sure you begin training routines well in advance of your first contact practice so your body can ease into activity, and make sure you’re working on proper tackling form to avoid neck injuries and stingers. Read this previous blog on how football players can work to prevent spine injuries.
  • Yard Work – A lot of people like to do yard work ahead of the cold winter, and that’s the case now more than ever because more people are stuck at home as a result of the coronavirus. If you’re doing yardwork, renovating your deck or taking on another home project, don’t try to tackle it all in one day, otherwise you may be prone to overstress injuries. Here’s more information on how to avoid back pain during yard work.
  • Road Trips – If you’re planning one last road trip before school starts back up, know that driving and riding in a car for long periods can take a significant toll on your spine. Stretch before you get in the vehicle, break up the trip so you can get out and move around, and have your spine in a healthy position when riding in the car. For more tips, check out this page on how to reduce back pain while on a road trip.
  • Hammock Safety – If you’re one of those people who loves to lounge in their hammock by the water or just in the shade in your backyard, you’ll want to be careful about how you lay in the hammock, especially if you have a pre-existing spinal condition. Check out this blog we wrote back in 2015 about how hammocks can test our spine and how to keep them from causing problems.

That’s it for August! Swing back next month to see how September can test your spine. From backpacks during Back-To-School season and seasonal sporting activities, September is another challenging month for your spine. And if you need any help with a spinal condition before then, reach out to Dr. Sinicropi and his experienced staff today.


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