Why Do I Keep Injuring My Back?

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Bent Over Back Pain

When you’re dealing with an injury, you want to recover from it and never think about it again. However, some people seem to have recurrent injuries or become injury prone in certain areas of their body, and one hotspot for these recurrent injuries to occur is in your back. But why do you keep suffering back injuries, and is there a way to put an end to these recurrent injuries once and for all? In today’s blog, we take a closer look at some of the reasons why you keep injuring your back and what you should do to help fully treat the problem.

Treating The Wrong Problem

In some instances, back pain and injuries return as a result of treating the wrong problem. If you think you’re dealing with a muscle strain, but it turns out that you’re actually dealing with a compressed nerve, your treatments may not be targeting the true issue, meaning it’s unlikely to fully resolve. Heading to a spine specialist for a comprehensive individualized diagnosis can help ensure you’re treating the right problem.

Treatment Stops Before Complete

One of the most common reasons why back injuries return is because people don’t treat the problem until it has fully healed. In many instances, people treat their issue until it’s tolerable to get back to normal activities, but a tolerable level of discomfort is not the goal when treating an issue. We want it to be fully resolved so that its chance of returning is as low as possible. Don’t stop your physical therapy routine early simply because you’ve noticed some progress. Follow through with your whole rehab plan to fully treat the issue.

Not Changing Lifestyle Habits

A number of recurrent back injuries can be traced back to certain lifestyle habits. The good news is that many of these habits are modifiable choices that we can adjust if we are aware they are likely contributing to our recurrent injuries. Some examples of lifestyle habits and factors that could be contributing to back injuries that keep coming back include:

  • Poor posture
  • Being overweight
  • Overstressing your body with too much exercise
  • Living a sedentary lifestyle that allows for muscle atrophy and spinal instability
  • Not stretching effectively prior to athletic activity.
  • A pro-inflammatory diet

Pursuing Passive Treatments

You may also be pursuing the wrong treatments for your condition. In many instances, treatment should be multifaceted, with passive and active treatments paired together for best results. If you only ever pursue passive treatments like pain medications and activity avoidance, you’re not going to really treat the underlying issue. Active treatments like physical therapy, exercise, stretching and strength training should be paired with passive treatments for the best outcomes.

Not Finding The Right Specialist

Finally, if you keep suffering back injuries and want to put an end to them once and for all, consider connecting with a spine specialist like Dr. Sinicropi. He’ll be able to provide you with a personalized diagnosis and some specific recommendations for overcoming your issues. He can also pivot to new treatments if earlier options aren’t providing relief, or he can provide some more hands-on care in the form of surgery if necessary. Let a professional help put a stop to your recurrent back injuries.

For more information about why you keep suffering back injuries, or for help overcoming your back problem, reach out to Dr. Sinicropi and his team today at (651) 430-3800.

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