How September Challenges Your Spine

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We’re continuing our series on how each month of the year challenges your spine and your neck in unique ways. Last month we explored how August can be tough on your spine, and now we’re going to see why September can also be hard on your back. Enjoy!

Your Spine and September

Back to school season isn’t the only way September can present challenges for your spine. Here’s a look at how September challenges your spine:

  • Back To School – Kids will soon be heading back to school (unless they are doing virtual learning because of COVID-19 this year), and a new school year can bring new challenges for your child’s spine. Poor seated posture in the classroom can lead to back problems, as can an overloaded backpack. Check out these tips for ways to prevent your child’s backpack from causing spine pain.
  • School Sports – When school resumes, so too do athletics. If your child hasn’t prepared during the offseason, they can suffer spine and other soft tissue injuries during tryouts and the first few practices. Check out this blog to read up on some ways that high school athletes can protect their spine during their sporting activities.
  • Marathon Training – Many marathons take place in the month of September because the weather is a little cooler than July or August, but you still have a good chance at ideal race conditions. If you’re gearing up for a 5k, 10k half marathon or 26.2 miles, make sure you check out this blog on how to prevent running mistakes that could contribute to back pain. And good luck on your upcoming run!
  • Motorcycle Riding – Some people have the luxury of riding their motorcycle all year round, but in Minnesota, we aren’t that fortunate. For that reason, many motorcycle enthusiasts pack on as many miles as possible in September before colder and wetter weather arrives. If you’re one of those riders who will be hitting the open road this month, check out these tips for preventing back pain while you’re on your motorcycle.
  • Labor Day – Labor Day is also a stable of September, and if you’re like many Minnesotans who will be spending the long weekend by the water, make sure you read up on these tips for keeping your spine safe on the water. Also, in honor of the Labor movement that is recognized on Labor Day, we want to share some ways manual labor workers can help protect their spine. And finally, in the spirit of “labor” day, here’s a look at how expecting mothers can help keep their spine safe as they await their own labor day!

Those are just some of the common ways that September can test your spine, so check out the tips and work hard to keep your back healthy this month. And for more tips, or for help with any back discomfort you’re experiencing, reach out to Dr. Sinicropi and his talented medical teamt today. And be sure to check back with us next month as we explore how the spooky month of October can present its own unique challenges for your spine!

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