How December Can Be Cold To Your Spine Health

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December Spine

We’re back for another installment on how each month of the year can present unique challenges for your spine. We’ve already looked at how August, September, October and November can be hard on your spine. This month, we take a look at the last month on the calendar and talk about how December can cause issues for your spine. Below, we explain why the holiday season can be anything but merry and bright for your back.

December And Your Spine

December can be very hard on your spine, and it’s important that you are mindful of some of the ways it can challenge your back.

  • Holiday Decorating – If you’re getting up on a ladder to hang lights or secure a faux Santa to your chimney, you need to be careful about working from heights. This is especially true if there is snow and ice on the ground that could be affecting the ladder’s stability. Check out these tips if you need to get up on a ladder in December.
  • Shopping Sessions – More people will be going online to check items off their shopping list as a way of helping to slow the spread of the coronavirus, but if you’re going to be out shopping, make sure you keep your spine in mind. Spending too much time in uncomfortable shoes at the mall can be hard on your feet and spine, and carrying heavy bags and purses can end up causing problems for your back. Here are some tips for preventing spine pain when out holiday shopping.
  • Tree Setup – If you’re going to cut down your own tree this year, make sure you stretch before you start cutting. If possible, have a friend or employee help you carry the tree back to your car and secure it to the roof, otherwise you can throw out your back. And if you’re skipping the real tree and going artificial, take a break throughout the decorating process if you’ve been on your feet for a while, because all that standing and bending can be hard on your lumbar spine.
  • Slipping On Ice – As snow and ice begins to accumulate on the sidewalks and walkways, all it takes is one missed step to cause a fall with injuries. Make sure you watch where you’re walking, invest in a quality winter walking shoe and check out these tips to help prevent falls that could end up hurting your spine.
  • Flying Home – There’s no place like home for the holidays, and if you’re flying home this year, you should be mindful of your spine throughout your trip. Check out these tips for keeping your spine safe if you’re going to be flying this holiday season.
  • Inactivity – Finally, when the cold weather sets in, many of us become less active than we are during the warm summer months. Inactivity can be a huge driver of spine problems, so don’t just sit around waiting for the weather to get warm. Check out these six tips for staying active during the cold winter months to help ward off back pain.

These are just a few of the main ways that December can take a toll on your spine. Stay safe out there, and be sure to swing back to our blog when 2021 rolls around to see how January can be hard on your spine. And if you develop back or neck pain, reach out to Dr. Sinicropi’s office today.

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