How October Can Be Frightening For Your Spine

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October Spine

Here is another installment in our series that examines how each month of the year challenges your spine. Previously, we’ve explored how August and September can be difficult on your spine, and in today’s blog, we explain all the ways October can test your spine. We hope you enjoy!

October And Your Spine

October can be a spooky month for your spine, and not just because of Halloween. Here’s a look at how October can test your spine in other ways.

  • Halloween – Let’s start with the event October is known for – Halloween. Halloween can be tough on your spine, especially if you’re parading children around the neighborhood for hours. Make sure you wear comfortable shoes to help take some of the stress off your feet, hips and spine, and consider bringing a wagon or another push/pull vessel so that you don’t have to walk home with a child riding on your shoulders because their legs got tired. Along a similar vein, don’t wear heavy or comfortable costumes that thrust your spine into an uncomfortable position for hours. Learn more about preventing neck and spine pain during Halloween here.
  • Leaf Disposal – Leaves will be falling off the trees in excess during October, and oftentimes that means we’re out raking almost every day. Use proper techniques when raking and remember to take breaks so you don’t overload your spine. If you’re cleaning leaves and debris out of your gutters, make sure you have someone holding the ladder and consider these tips for staying safe when working from heights.
  • Cycling Safety – Speaking of leaves, now is the perfect time to hit the bike trails and check out some of the beautiful fall colors while riding around on a bicycle. However, we’re also losing daylight, so you need to be smart about how you ride your bike so you don’t suffer significant injuries if you’re struck by a vehicle. Read up on these tips for keeping your spine safe when cycling.
  • Cooler Weather – The summer weather oftentimes begins to fade in October, and we’ve even seen instances of snow in the month, so the weather can change quickly this month. When weather is a little more sporadic, it can lead to dull pains or aches in your spine. To learn more about how weather can impact your spine, check out this blog we penned on the subject.
  • Post-Marathon Spine Care – Last month, we mentioned that many marathons are scheduled for September, so it’s important to keep your spine in mind when preparing for your run. October is also a common month for marathons, and the Twin Cities marathon was held virtually this last weekend. If you ran the race this weekend, congrats! If you finished the marathon over the weekend or have a run coming up later this month, read up on why your back may be hurting after a run, and learn how to properly care for a sore spine after running.

That’s it for October! Check back next month to learn how November can challenge your spine. From excessive turkey eating to Black Friday shopping escapades, November is another potentially hazardous month for your spine!

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